PRE-painted protective film

Pre-Painted protective film(Clear)

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Product Description

Colored steel protective film can produce a wide protection for Sandwich Panel, Colored Steel, Pre-painted Metal, Galvanized steel.  The Protection Tape have stable adhering capacity. It is easy to application and left no residue.


Usual specification:
1) Thickness: 0.03 - 0.10mm
2) Width: 50 - 2050mm
3) Length: 100 - 3000m
4) Color: Clear, blue, black and white, milk white (can be printed as order)
5) Backing: Polyethylene film
6) Adhesive strength: 200-800g/50mm
7) Adhesive: Acrylic or water-based resin adhesive


1) Cost-effective
2) Stable adhering capacity
3) Very low unwind
4) Special easy-peel adhesive, leaving no residue glue or trace on the surface of the protected products after removal
5) PE protective film provides a protective barrier to scratch, mark, damage and dirt at the process of bending, pressing, roll forming, transportation and installation, thus can improve the quality and market competition of the protected products

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