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What are the common protective film applications in the market?

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According to the scope of application, the protective film can be applied in the following fields: the surface of metal products, the surface of coated metal products, the surface of plastic products, the surface of automobile products, the surface of electronic products, the surface of sign products, the surface of profile products, and the surface of other products.


The protective film can be divided into: plastic protective film, digital product protective film, car protective film, household protective film, food preservation protective film, etc. However, with the popularity of digital products such as mobile phones in China, protective film has gradually become a general term for screen protective film, and its functions in the field of screen protective film are also varied, the earliest high-definition scratch-resistant. The material has experienced more than 5 years of development from the earliest PP material to the current popular AR material, and is gradually accepted by the majority of mobile phone groups.


The development of silica gel is developed on the basis of acrylic glue, because the demand for surface protection of 3C products has been increasing in recent years, and a large part of these applications have entered the so-called aftermarket, that is, in the store, and then by consumers DIYers themselves. In the application of this part, special emphasis is placed on the use of exhaust gas, so as to avoid the occurrence of air bubbles in the process of sticking the film, and silica gel meets the needs of this part of consumers. The screen protector is the main one. (The most commonly used is silica gel adsorption)


As the name suggests, rubber-type glue is mainly made of rubber, mainly produced by European and certain Japanese protective film manufacturers. The surface ranges from smooth to rough. Compared with the protective film of acrylic glue, the scope of application is much larger. Therefore, in general, the viscosity of the protective film of rubber type is only about four grades, while the protective film of acrylic glue is about 20g/interval. 25mm must be classified as a separate product, so there are many kinds of protective films for acrylic glue. For manufacturers' stocking, inventory, and application, rubber-type protective films are much simpler. The second advantage of the rubber-type protective film is also because of its large tolerance, so it is possible to use a protective film with higher viscosity, so it is especially suitable for applications with complicated post-processing, such as stainless steel plates, aluminum plates, etc., which are stamped.



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