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Thermal stripping tape, also known as thermal stripping film

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1.Product Introduction

Thermal stripping tape, also known as thermal stripping film, is made of a special adhesive, which has adhesive force at room temperature, and when heated to a suitable temperature, the viscosity will disappear, so that the processed parts can be simply peeled off, realizing automation in various manufacturing processes of electronic products, saving manpower and improving efficiency.

2. Product structure


3. Product application

The application of thermal release tape and its wide range: delicate and fragile wafer processing; MLCC chip capacitors, chip inductors in the process of cutting and positioning; semiconductor wafer surface processing; electronic and optoelectronic industry components manufacturing and processing engineering; LCD and TP touch panels Glass thinning, grinding and polishing; LED cutting, grinding and polishing; thinning and grinding process of sapphire substrate; substrate graphene (Graphene) transfer and carbon nanotube transfer.


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