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The origin of protective film is market distribution.

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Functionally, the protective film is to put a layer of film on the physical object we want to protect. Now there are AR anti-reflective film, AG frosted anti-reflective film, mobile phone mirror film, privacy film, high-definition anti-scratch film and other functional protective films on the world.

Originally originated from. The protective film acts as a mirror when the main screen backlight is off. Text and images can be displayed normally through the film when the backlight is on. The film is divided into 5 to 6 layers, and one layer is subjected to aluminum vapor deposition. Use this layer to reflect external light to achieve the mirror function.

The main production was initially concentrated in Japan, the United States and Europe and other industrially developed countries. Due to the early development of industrialization in Europe and the United States, the requirements for surface protection of products were entered earlier than in Asia, so as to reduce the circulation from the factory to the market. For the loss of surface scratches encountered in the process of transportation, handling, storage, and even display of products. European brands are the global leader in the protective film of rubber-type glue, and the protective film of rubber-type glue is still in the industry of complicated post-processing such as stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, and even some plastic parts due to its characteristics. However, Japan started earlier in the development of non-toxic PVC materials, PET materials and AR materials, and the technology is more advanced. Therefore, the development of mobile phone screen protectors in Japan and South Korea is also relatively rapid. Japan and South Korea mainly produce middle and high-end mobile phone protective films, and export PVC, PET and AR materials to their foreign countries. As a major consumer of mobile phones, mainland China produces and sells a lot of protective films for mobile phone screens. After several years of development, it has been able to produce higher-end protective films. Although there is still a certain gap with Japan's protective films, the current In other words, there is a trend to completely replace Korean films, and in the past two years, Japanese and Korean protective film manufacturers have put into production in the mainland or established joint ventures. As far as the production of mobile phone film in China is concerned, it is mainly operated as a non-main business of some tape factories, electronic material factories and protective film factories. There are few manufacturers specializing in the production of protective film, because the production of the original film of the protective film and the coating process are more complicated, many technical aspects need to be broken through, and the investment in a good blowing film and coating line is high, so the real protective film production There are not many manufacturers, and even fewer can make good original films. Therefore, most factories only stay in the secondary and tertiary processing stages of protective film, which belong to the lower stage in the entire protective film industry chain. In terms of regional distribution, it is mainly distributed in Shenzhen, Foshan, Dongguan, Guangdong, and parts of Zhejiang, Shanghai, and Jiangsu. However, with the popularity of touch-screen mobile phones and attention to 3G mobile phones, the protective film market has also received more attention from businesses. Many manufacturers have also begun to produce high-end protective films to meet the fashion pursuits of young people.


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